Chin Treatment

Chin hairs are removed and treatment is applied to help clear the appearance of dark spots and  bumps.......................................$25

Signature Facial

A customized treatment for your specific skin type.  This is a full-service deep cleanse, exfoliating, and hydrating treatment.  Will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and improves your overall skin tone.  Treatment is applied generating a relaxing and stimulating massage.....$60 (45min) No extractions

Express Facial

This is perfect for anyone who is short on time but need a deep facial cleanse.  Skin will feel smooth and refreshed........$35 (30min)

Back Facial

When is the last time that you really cleansed your back?  Get a deep cleanse for this hard to reach area.  Afterwards, a treatment is massaged onto the back leaving it feeling smooth and revitalized.........$55 (45min)

Enzymes will help eliminate dead skin cells leaving the skin glowing and smooth.  For the best results you should receive this treatment once a week for 4 weeks then, once a month to maintain your glow........$40 (30min) NO hot towel.


A high impact treatment customized to target your top skin concern for maximum results.

30 minutes $50

Chemical Peel

* Hot towels are used on all skincare services to open up your pores and create a relacing experience.

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